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Friday, December 03, 2004

More lies from AP and MSNBC

MSNBC (also the news site for NBC News) has an AP story up titled "U.S. uses evidence gained by torture". Reading this headline one would suppose that the United States is actively using evidence that is knowingly gathered through the use of torture. Not so. I defy anyone to read this story and find where the use of torture is sited, much less any evidence used against these people that was gained through such torture.

But this headline is really not meant to give an accurate depiction of what the story is about. This headline is meant to get all the idiots in TV and radio talking about how the U.S. is using torture against detainees. Do you think morons like Don Imus, Katie Couric, or Chris Mathews actually read these stories before spouting their anti-American filth on the airwaves? No. Some intern hands them a stack of stories, they browse the headlines, and then make up the rest. By the end of the day the story will be "public concern over torture dogs president Bush''.

At what point will the president come out and damn the press for their rabid anti-Americanism? Yes, anti-Americanism. When the press goes out of its way to "report" news they know is false with the intent of damaging the credibility of our military during a war in which image plays a vital role, they are on the side of our enemy. The 2nd Amendment does not protect the speech of those who would defend, support, and champion an enemy of the state that would like to see the Constitution itself dissolved.


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