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Monday, November 22, 2004

Ukrainian election results in doubt

This election cycle for Ukraine has been troubling from the start. The candidates were Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition candidate running on a pro-Wester and pro-Democratic theme, against the pro-Russian (aka: a Vodka sucking pinko more Red than the wall of a KGB gulag) Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich.

Between a state owned media machine that was discracefully biased in its coverage of the race (sound familiar?), an assisination attempt on the opposition candidate, and the prying of Russian president Putin, this has been anything but a fair election. But when reading up on the election results yesterday morning I was met with news that the race was all but won by the opposition candidate Yushenko. But it looks like the ballot boxes gained weight over night:

Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko on Monday urged tens of thousands of supporters to defy authorities and protest through the night in central Kiev over a presidential election they dubbed fraudulent [...]

And, while Russian President Vladimir Putin speedily congratulated Yanukovich on his victory, the United States and Western Europe denounced the election as fraudulent. U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, monitoring the poll for the White House, said authorities had indulged in a "concerted and forceful program" of fraud.

While supporters of Yushchenko hit the streets to protest an obviously fraudulant election result, the gustapo is already gearing up for a good ol' fashioned authoritarian slaughter of its own citizens:

"We appeal to the organizers of mass protests to assume responsibility for their possible consequences," said a statement by the prosecutor general and the interior ministry [...]Yanukovich projected the appearance of head of state, scorning Yushchenko as one of "a small group of radicals" who sought to split Ukraine by violence and illegal actions.

This, of course, Commy-speak for "don't say we didn't warn you when youre gunned down in the streets like wild dogs".

Mark my words, this is just the beginning. Violence will errupt in Ukraine, Putin will have his finger prints all over it, and tensions between the U.S. and Russia will come to fruition over this. Putin will finally be outed for the neo-Stalin he truely is.


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