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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Muslim gang of 10 attacks 2 men in Sweden

It breaks my heart to see what's happening to Sweden. The following video clip represents an all too often occurance in Sweden. Muslim gangs are a growing problem in the country, but the authorities have bound themselves to a political correctness that wont allow them to admit the problem even exists. Two young Swedish men were beaten by a gang of 10 Swedish Muslims for no better reason than the fact they were white.

Click the picture to watch the closing moments of the men's beating (caught on tape by one of the perpetrators):

This video may add some perspective to my post titled Washington Post Story Unfair to Sweden.

UPDATE: Perhaps these two hapless men wandered into one of Sweden's "no go zones" described in this news report. Here's an excerpt:

Parts of Europe have now become ' Islamic Zones ' where the law of the police and the secular State has ended and the authority of the Imam and Mosque is absolute. In Sweden's third-largest city, Malmø, entire sections of the city and the central authority and remit of the State have been handed over to Islamic groups that terrorise the indigenous population and the police now publicly admit that they no longer control the streets. Ambulance personnel are attacked when they are called to deal with emergency situations in these ' Islamic Zones ' and the emergency services now refuse to attend emergencies in the area without a police escort.


  • Makes me sick...unfortunately this type of action is becoming more of the rule rather then the exception.

    By Blogger mightymerk, at 11:07 PM  

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