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Monday, November 08, 2004

The Left's New Enemy

Just a gut feeling, but has anyone else noticed that "Evangelical Christians" are the latest hot topic of the left?

I couldnt help but notice over the weekend that just about every Democrat and leftist pundit had a single talking point in common; that Evangelical Christians won the election for George Bush. Could it be that the latest Democratic talking point have been distributed and the left's enemies list has been revised? Theyve already started to mock Christians as radicals, so you can be sure theyve got them in their cross hairs.

Like I said, at this point its just a gut feeling. But I wouldnt be shocked if the left is out to demonize Christians in this country and make them out to be pack of wild kooks who are no better than the Taliban. Once they get the chattering class in on their little act the main stream media will follow. Hell, maybe they can even get Michael Moore to create a "documentary" to whip up some anti-Christian hatred in this country. The party of Roosevelt is now the party of Goebbels, so it would come as no surprise.

Its the age old liberal strategy - If you cant beat 'em, destroy 'em.


  • Hey, dude, you're quite right the left will be trying to equate Islamic terrorists with conservative evangelical Christians, but . . . you're also more than 20 years behind the times.

    They already did it. It happened under Carter, and especially as the Reagan momentum built up (to the not-very-helpful tune of Jerry "tin-ear" Fallwell's Moral Majority movement), in about 1978-1981. It achieved special pointedness when Bob Jones University was one of several schools that fought IRS discrimination against religious institutions (IRS claimed that "national public policy" dictated the scope of dissent allowed as "deeply held religious conviction," and thus that schools with politically-incorrect views were fraudulently claiming tax exemptions).

    The key trajectory: look when "Muslim terrorists" in Iran and throughout the Middle East turned into "Islamic fundamentalists." Before the end of the 70s, Fundamentalism was a theological movement among evangelical Christians; admittedly flawed, but hardly terroristic. The discrediting of the "Religious Right" began with the national news elites' equation of "fundamentalist" with "terrorist."

    A better definition of "fundamentalist" is "someone with the audacity to believe what his religion teaches."

    If you are a Christian Fundamentalist, you believe that the Bible truthfully speaks of a real God who really came (as Son) at His own request (as Father) to die for sinners and to call them to Himself (as Spirit). You really believe that, among other things, "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but spiritual," while in mortal affairs the national government "does not bear the sword in vain."

    If you are an Islamic "fundamentalist," using my rather loose definition of the term, you really believe that killing impenitent infidels is a shortcut to Paradise, that beheading is specifically sanctioned by the Prophet, and quite a few other things that Christian Fundamentalists not only repudiate but would (and do) sign up under the banners of non-theocratic states to put down forcibly.

    The difference should be clear. And so should the reasons that the Left, whose Trotskyite need for "perpetual revolution," finds more common cause with the bloodstained "martyrs" of Islam than with the faith watered with the blood of true martyrs, witnesses to a Truth greater than our own failings and more powerful than all the armies that fight against--or even (if at times mistakenly) for--Him.

    By Blogger pgepps, at 8:17 AM  

  • Thank you for the comment, its one of the best Ive had posted to my blog as of yet.

    As for being behind the times by about 20 years, what can I say? The fact Im barely older than 20 years myself might have something to do with that. :)

    I have always noticed a deep suspicion of the religous right in this country - but I guess I never caught onto the fact that it would become the primary political platform (try saying that fast 3 times) for a major party. But perhaps youre right, and Ive been blind to that fact.

    Kevin P.

    By Blogger Kevin P., at 11:32 AM  

  • I agree that this is nothing new. The ACLU has been on a crusade against Christianity for years, but I think it has really started to piss people off since 9/11 the way they (and other left groups) have defended Islam while continually trying to squash any form of Christianity. That is probably why so many religious voters turned out for Bush this time.

    Just wait till next month when all the liberal "grinches" come out to protect people from those offensive christmas trees and candy canes. If you are interested, check out this article. A classic example.

    At the law school I used to go to, they took down the Christmas tree last year after some students felt "excluded" by it. It's totally ridiculous.

    - Steve

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:32 PM  

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