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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

CA tree huggers want to tax grocery bags

I grew up in the People's Republic of California, so I am rarely shocked by the actions of liberal kooks in that state. But I ran into a story today that had me scratching my head. The tree huggers in the state are calling for a 17 cent tax on grocery bags. This from NewsMax:

The elitist eco-hypocrites of San Francisco have a new weapon in their never-ending attack on poor people: Now they want to tax grocery bags at 17 cents a pop.

"The measure is primarily being pushed by environmentalists who view plastic grocery bags as a menace, not as a modern marvel of convenience," USA Today reported today.

NewsMax gets the "elitist eco-hypocrites" part of the story right, but strays when saying there is a "never ending attack on poor people" in San Francisco. This is after all a city that refrigerates homeless people's garbage to keep it from rotting. The real reason for this is the extreme liberalism (bordering Marxism) that has engulfed the city of San Francisco over the past 3 decades.

The story is easily laughed off as just another crazy idea from those libs in San Francisco. But its more than that. If you want to know where the Democrats want to take this country, you need look no further than San Francisco.


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