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Sunday, November 28, 2004

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Will they ever learn? Not satisfied with the degree to which they have solidified their minority status, the left is seeking out more phony problems they can not solve for us. Found an AP story over at CNN hyping up the dangers of BB guns:

A study has found that air rifles, paintball pistols and BB guns injure as many as 21,000 Americans each year, undermining the notion that such weapons are harmless in the hands of young people.

First, how can this even be called a "news story" when its full of the typical lefty editorial tactics. For example, setting up the false notion that anyone has ever argued these guns are "harmless in the hands of young people". Talking about building a straw man. Also notice how these items are refered to as weapons. Maybe we should start running background checks on kids getting BB guns. Hell, why stop there? I'm sure countless deaths a year can be attributed to alluminum baseball bats, yet we countinue to arm our children with these instruments of death.

Nonpowder guns kill an average of four Americans yearly, and from 1990 to 2000, there were 39 such deaths -- 32 of children younger than 15, according to a report in November's issue of Pediatrics.

Wow, thats a real shocker of a statistic they site; roughly 4 deaths per year. Considering that during the same period there were 8,604 deaths caused by bicycles, 7,500 child drownings, and 140 kids killed by choking on small toys; shooting a BB gun is quite possibly the safest activity for your children. But I think we can all figure out why this article was written. Liberals are looking for some new platforms to base their losing campaigns on, and this is probably one of them. What are they thinking?

I can only conclude that there is something seriously wrong with the left in this country. I seriously wonder if theyve been up every night sniffing modeling glue (which has killed 700 since 1996) since the whooping they recieved on election day. When they stared up at that map full of red on November 3rd, wondered aloud about American "values", and tried to figure out how to reach out to the middle-America voters, is this what they came up with?

Their stance on gun control has made the South unwinnable for Democrats. So what's their sollution? Piss off potential voters as early as possible so the Democratic party can carry on its tradition as a national joke for generations to come. Theyve run out of adults to marginalize, so now their going after the kids. Idiots, idiots, iditos.

But again, I say to the left: Keep it up dipshits!


  • "shooting a BB gun is quite possibly the safest activity for your children."

    that's one of the best lines ever. too bad the left is more focused on keeping 4 people from getting killed with toys but brags about killing millions of unborn children.

    By Blogger Josh, at 11:22 AM  

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