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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Churches in Europe warned over "anti-gay slurs"

This from al-Beebzera (BBC News):

The Archbishop of Canterbury [Dr Rowan Williams] has called for church traditionalists opposed to homosexuality to stop using inflammatory words about gay people.

What vile words are receiving such condemnation?

Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria has described homosexuality as "an aberration unknown even in animal relationships".

Is that all the Christian haters over at al-Beebzera (again, BBC News) can come up with to back this story up? Whether or not you agree with this particular tenet of Christianity, calling homosexuality an aberration unknown in animal relationships is hardly "inflammatory". There is no call for violence, so whats the problem - besides offending a few liberal twits? How long will it be before Ministers in Europe are thrown in jail for simply stating their articles of faith? Oh wait, theyve already begun jailing the "un-enlightened".

Also, whats got this Archbishop in such a tizzy? Is he running for parliment on a Socialist ticket or something? I really dont understand why these so called men of the cloth bother to devote their lives to a religion they obviously have no faith in.

Also, this is a leading story over at the BBC. Funny how they dont mention the fact that Muslim clerics throughout the West have called for the killing of Jews and the execution of all homosexuals. If they insist on molding their reporting around a Socialist secular bias, they may as well be even handed about it.

Then again, if European lefties are known for anything its their shameful cowardice. Its not as though they will have their throats slit in broad daylight for anti-Christian reporting. If only Theo Van Gogh had followed the same rules of yellow journalism, he may still be alive today.


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