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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney/Edwards: Part VIII

Closing statements...

Edwards is in full trial lawyer mode. "Im just a poor country boy hick.. boy oh boy!". This shtick may work well with a jury down south, but I dont think people buy this line of crap after 9/11. His thesis is "we will fix this mess in Iraq", not "we will protect you from terrorists".

Cheney cuts the crap and talks straight up with the American people - I think this comes off better than the "Ive basked in the light of America" BS that Edwards was trying to shovel. Cheney comes across as confident, concise, and sure of his principles. He speaks to the honest dangers we face post-9/11 (something I dont think Edwards grasps), and appears confident that it is this administration that will most effectively fight terrorism. Hmmm... interesting tactic, he also - in a round about way - challenged the American voters to join with the president in this tough battle.

I'll be back with my final thoughts...


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