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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debate, liveblog

Tonight I will be "live-blogging" the debate between VP Cheney and Sen. Edwards. I think it will be a good exercise, since I will be able to go back and reccount what I was thinking of both candidates' performance before the pundits put me through the spin-cycle.

On another note: Surprise, surprise, the media is already pointing to the stark contrast between the young Senator and the "old graying" vice-president. Well, I must agree to the fact there will be a stark contrast. However, I think most Americans will see the debate as a boy going up against a man.

My pregame prediction: Edwards only scores on Haliburton smears, Cheney buries Edwards in facts and wisdom that only 30 years of service can give you. While the boy from NC will attempt to harangue the VP with petty political barbs, Dick Cheney will elevate the discussion by reminding voters of the choices we face in these dangerous times. The senator will appear unexperienced and nieve compared to Cheney, and the veep's breadth of knowledge will make Edwards appear very small. Even the shills at CBS will be hard pressed to give this debate to Edwards.


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