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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Democrats concede defeat, Kennedy to begin campaiging for Kerry

The Democrats must realize they have no chance of winning the presidential election and are now making an effort to jazz up the base so maybe they can keep from being hammered in the House and the Senate. AP reports:

Kennedy, D-Mass., will make two campaign stops in Pennsylvania on Friday, in addition to appearances around the country nearly every weekend as a surrogate for Kerry. While the Senate remains in session, Kennedy plans almost daily rebukes of Bush's policies, ranging from the war in Iraq to health care and education.

If John Kerry were serious about improving in the polls against the president he wouldn't be sending Ted Kennedy out there. In all honesty it appears that the grown-ups at the DNC have decided Kerry will not win the presidency and their best chance at saving their hides in the House and Senate will be to allienate the center and motivate their most left wing constituents.

I look forward to Kennedy's "this war was cooked up in Texas" conspiracy theories and "president Bush is worse than Saddam Hussein" platitudes.

Let's just hope Kennedy won't be the one driving the campaign bus.

UPDATE: Kerry campaign has issued new additions to staff uniforms.


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