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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Belgium considers euthanasia for children

Reuters reports:

Belgian lawmakers belonging to Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt's ruling Flemish Liberal party have introduced a bill seeking to expand the country's controversial euthanasia legislation to include minors. Senators Jeannine Leduc and Paul Wille said in the bill that terminally ill children and teenagers had as much right to choose when they wanted to die as anyone else. "Their suffering is as great (and) the situation they face is as intolerable and inhumane," the senators' bill read on Wednesday.

I'm not sure where to begin on this one. I find myself torn. While I am disgusting by the crumbling state of morality in Europe, I have despised the Belgians ever since I was robbed in a Brussels hostel. Plus, when you think of it Belgium is just France with good beer instead of wine.

Hmmm... I'm going to hell.

(Hat tip to NRO for the scoop)


  • Jeannine Leduc is famous for proposing bills to kill people. She was the driving force behind the bill to legalize abortion and euthanasia. Obviously, euthanasia and abortion leave a gap of 18 year between birth and the 18th birthday, a gap that Leduc intends to fill as soon as possible. In her mind, it must be terrible that you can't kill yourself before you're 18 years old if your parents were stupid enough to put you on this world in the first place.

    It should be noted that the Flemish Liberal party (VLD) is loosing support, and fell below 20% in the last regional elections (June 2004). The Flemish socialists (SP.A) also fell below 20%. The Flemish party that strongly opposes euthanasia and abortion, the separatist Vlaams Blok, went from 18% in May 2003 to more than 24% in June 2004.

    And 60% of the Belgians are (Dutch-speaking) Flemish, not (French-speaking) Walloon.

    By Blogger Filip van Laenen, at 5:30 AM  

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