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Saturday, September 04, 2004

EU demands explanation from Russians

As I write this the death toll in Russia after Chechnyan "rebels" (Islamo-fascist radicals) took control of a school is 200+. But even before the bodies can be counted, European leaders are demanding that Russia explain how they allowed this to happen. EU Business reports:

The EU refused Friday to rush to judgment on how Russian authorities acted in the bloody end to the hostage crisis in north Ossetia, but said it wants Moscow's explanation of the tragedy.

While one can imagine there will certainly an investigation into the events that took place immediately before the Russian forces sieged the school, but that will come in due time. But for the EU leadership to start its self-righteous finger wagging before the Russians have even had time enough to dry their tears is typical. Did any of the EU's leaders express their disgust at the fact children were targeted by the Chechyan terrorists? No, of course not. They would prefer shifting the blame for this to the Russian government. While countries like Russia, the United States, and Israel fight terror, the Europeans equivocate.

In other words: who the hell do the ZEROpeans think they are?

UPDATE: It looks like the Russians are fed up with the EU's pompus attitude. Reuters reports:

Russia has denounced as "blasphemous" a request by the European Union's Dutch presidency for an explanation for the bloody end to a mass hostage seizure at a school by Chechen gunmen... "Mr Bot's elaborations are an absolute contrast with the wide international support and solidarity with Russia in these tragic days," a ministry statement said.


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