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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney/Edwards: Part V

The debate is now turning towards medical liability reform - and, not so much, the fact that Edwards is a trial lawyer (ie: weazle ambulance chaser).

Edwards just said lawyers arent the problem... haha! Yeah, we'll see how that resonates with voters. He also wasted about 30 seconds talking about some swimming pool company that he sued cause of a suction problem - huh? You would figure that he would have put together a better response to this line of questioning, hes tanking!

Edwards wanted to make this about lawyers - not healthcare - Cheney is going along with it. A question on healthcare costs is now becoming a discussion on trial lawyers and tort reform. This is not a good turn for Edwards - what was he thinking? (Backstage Dem whispers: "IDIOT!")

Uhg... Haliburton again... pff... "Trial lawyer!".... "Oh yeah... HALIBURTON!"... grow up boys.


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