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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney/Edwards: Part III

Iran: Cheney makes good point on the fact that action in Iran is not as necesary relative to Iraq because Iran has not been in defiance of UN resolution for 12 years - good point, I think people can "get it". Cheney seems to be loose now, alot more comfort in his reponses. Edwards comes back with "this administration handed over the Iran problem to the EU"... I thought we were supposed to bring the world community in to help whenever possible? Are people at home catching the hypocrisy?

Here comes Haliburton: Edwards - youre a Haliburton shill Mr. VP, Cheney - its a fog screen to confuse voters. I think Cheney needs to remind voters that he gave all his Haliburton dividends to charity.

Isreal, which was lacking from the last debate, is the topic now. Edwards is mushy in his reponse - makes mandatory "Isreal can defend itself" comment, talks about his trip to Isreal, but policy? NOPE! He looks like hes in trial lawyer mode now, maybe they have some internals showing the Jewish vote slipping in FL. Edwards: "Crack down on Saudi Arabia"? - I didnt realize the Michael Moore contigent was important on the Isreali issue.

Nice! Cheney slams Edwards on Senate attendance - paraphrase: "Im the president of the senate, sir, and I just met you for the firs time on this stage". Then Cheney connected the terrorists efforts in Isreal to the fact Saddam gave $20K to the families of suicide bombers.

God, Edwards look like such a goof... he just made some high-pitched squeel about how Cheney didnt talk about Isreal. Who can walk into a voting booth and vote Kerry when there is a chance this guy could take the helm. Uhg!


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