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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney/Edwards: Part II

Just a quick observation on style: Cheney needs to stop rubbing his hands, he looks like Dr. Evil.

Edwards is going after Cheney on the weapons systems cuts after the cold war. This may resonate a little, but Cheney comes back well by reminding people that the Kerry records ebbs and flows with the tides of politics.

26 minutes into the debate, first Haliburton reference (I just lost a bet with myself)

Edwards tries to take on Cheney directly on the coalition casualites, I think Cheney won the encounter by reminding the voters of Iraqi sacrifces. Edwards response: Cheney is a liar. If Edwards doesnt learn to cut his losses and walk away from this portion of the debate, hes gonna lose this debate. He just wasted another 2 minutes rehashing his same remarks - hes wasting time with it.

Question: Is Dick Cheney a little to high-minded for the average undecided voter?


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