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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney/Edwards: Part I

Cheney and Edwards have taken there seats. One good sign already; Edwards has not pulled anything out of his coat pocket. Also, judging by the looks on these men's faces, this will not be anything like the dignified Lieberman/Cheney debate.

Bremer/Rumsfeld comments start the night: Cheney looks like he needs to warm up, but he came back with a good response to the reasoning of the Iraq war, tying it to terorr, etc. Edwards comes back saying something along the lines of "Mr. VP youre still not shooting straight with the American people". It looks as though Edwards will be taking an even harsher anti-war stance then Kerry did. Why Cheney is not reminding Edwards of his vote for force is beyond me.

Edwards keeps stumbling around important names, confusing Saddam with Osama, Iran with Iraq, etc. Cheney is nailing Kerry on his record, this will hopefully be the theme of the debate: let Edwards take cheap shots, while constantly reminding voters of the Edwards/Kerry record.

Cheney is speaking to the fact that Edwards tone on Afghanistan was 2 years ago very similar to his tone on Iraq now - very effective. Edwards go back to Osama, Tora Bora - did he come to a 90 minute debate with 2 minutes of material?

What's with the whole "Afghanistan is still the worlds #1 provider of Opium" point, does Kerry/Edwards really think this will hit home with Americans?

The "global test" has Edwards dancing... I dont think hes convincing anyone on this.

Wow, Cheney just nailed Kerry's credibility - and Edwards can only site the debate from last week as proof Kerry's bona-fides. Aint gonna work. Cheney reponse: "its your record, STUPID!"


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