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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney/Edwards: Part IV

Domestic policy time (yawn).

Hmm... Cheney responds to jobs/economy question with something about education and Edwards calls him on it. Cheney talks about what the president has done with healthcare, etc., and the Edwards trys to force his "Mr. VP, we cant afford 4 more years of your experience" line. The line was not only out of context, but he didnt really say it clearly -- Im sure the Dems are cringing, cause he just threw that line (which could have been damaging if used correctly) in the trash.

There on fiscal matters now. I think Cheney is making a good case. Hes borrowing the Bush 2000 line of "we want people to spend there own money, they want government to make choices for people... its a fundamental difference of opinion". It worked well for Bush against Gore, and I think it will work well now.

Oh man, Edwards just stepped into it. He talked about middle class tax cuts - Cheney quipped that the president just signed middle class tax cuts YESTERDAY, a bill which neither Edwards nor Kerry even showed up to vote on.

Gay marriage: Cheney hedges his personal beliefs well to the fact that government shouldnt sanction gay marriage. Edwards comes back with something about Cheney's daughter - dont think he should have gone there.... waiting for Cheney reponse (hopefully its something along the lines of, stay the hell out of my family business) ... eh, nothing. Boo!


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