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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Rebuild the WTC Twin Towers!

I ran across the website of Ken Gardner a couple months ago and thought his idea to rebuild the WTC as it once was, only bigger and stronger was a far fetched but great idea. I suppose I told myself it was far fetched because I hadn't seen this guy getting any coverage, and the media seemed to have covered the "Freedom Tower" as a done deal. But it looks as though some like minded people with a great deal of influence are begging the question: "Why not rebuild the Twin Tower?"

Donald Trump has begun a campaign to reincarnate the WTC as it was before. The NY Post, which has been nagging Pataki over the horribly designed "Freedom Tower" he so loves, is also backing Ken Gardner's plan to rebuild the Twin Towers. In an Op-Ed today in the Post, Nicole Gelinas expresses her own feelings over the "Freedom Tower", along with some of Trump's thought on the matter:

New Yorkers have gotten a few weeks' reprieve from the Freedom Tower. It's now back to the drawing board again —partly because, as originally designed, it was structurally unsound. ("Buildings need floors," Trump said— "It's an important structural element.")

But — barring a miracle over the next few weeks— the latest version of the Freedom Tower will still be a 70-story office building topped by at least 600 feet of false angles and empty space.

So the building still won't offer any spectacular views of Manhattan unless you're an adventurous pigeon. And that "skyline element" that's meant to symbolize New York's defeat over terrorists? It can't even hold its own physical weight.

"If we build this pile of rubbish, the terrorists will have won," Trump told me.

I will be watching Chris Matthews for the first time in months tonight because he will be interviewing Trump on the plan. I think the whole gang over at MSNBC is putting the weight behind Ken Gardner's plan. David Shuster reports on HardBlogger that since Gardner brought his 9-foot model of the Twin Towers' to MSNBC's studios it's been a hit with his colleagues and viewers at MSNBC. Even the insufferable Don Imus was backing the plan for a new Twin Towers this morning on his show.

I don't know what Pataki's problem is, or what his connection to the "Freedom Tower" is, but he needs to change course on this issue. What better way to restore the Manhattan skyline than to raise the WTC back from the ashes bigger and greater than ever? And talking about a big FU to the maniacs who celebrate it's demise.

Please contact Governor Pataki and let him know how you feel on the issue.

UPDATE: Some poor shmuck of a woman from the Governor's office (I believe she's the Secretary of NY Parks, or something along those lines) just came on Imus to defend the Freedom Tower design... Boy, did she ever step into a bear trap.

Imus is ripping her a new one! I'm not sure if he's mad about the Freedom Tower, or if he's just insulted that they would send such a nobody on his show to defend it, but he's not giving her an inch. Uhg... Imus just had her microphone turned off... uhg, this is painful to watch.

Pataki has been on Imus plenty of times, he knows the drill. I wonder what's keeping him from phoning in on this issue?


  • I haven't seen or heard the Imus segment that you reference, but it would be an interesting diversion from Don's usual modus operandi.

    Daniel Libeskind's plan caught the attention of some in the public because of the symbolism of the new tower achieving a height of 1,776 feet, but that was about it. It turns out that Libeskind got the job because of his ties to Ron Lauder, who is a Pataki ally. Libeskind has zero experience building a skyscraper, and it showed, which is why Silverstein had to bring in his own architect David Childs to actually design something approaching workable (still a miserable failure, but an improvement over the original Freedom Tower design). Childs designed 7 WTC, which is nearing completion at the WTC, so we know that he can get stuff built.

    Now Trump walks into the fray, and he's got some valid points. Why are we messing around with this puny design when people want a rebuilt trade center? If you want to reclaim the office space and provide for all the other features that you want in the master plan, you need to build twin towers to achieve the necessary open space. In other words, the designers have to realize that Yamazaki (who designed the original WTC) was on to something when he designed the original WTC.

    By Blogger lawhawk, at 1:54 PM  

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