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Thursday, February 03, 2005

W's gonna keep them honest on this Social Security stuff

This from the Office of the Press Secretary (via Drudge):

Myth: Jonathan Weisman's Washington Post Story today (p A13), includes the headline that "Participants would Forfeit Part of Accounts' Profits," which is flat wrong. The article says workers who opt for personal accounts "would ultimately get to keep only the investment returns that exceed the rate of return that the money would have accrued in the traditional system." This statement, unfortunately, is also flat wrong. Both the headline and this assertion are completely inaccurate. The White House is seeking a correction from the Washington Post.

Look's as though the President is going to slap the media in the mouth everytime they attempt to lie about Social Security reform. Little tip for the press over the coming months: let the Dems speak for themselves!


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