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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Time magazine poll good news for Bush

I have a feeling the Dems were crossing their fingers that 2005 would be different, and they would finally get some traction in their opposition to the President's plolicies. But judging by this latest poll from Time magazine, this is going to be another tough year for the Left. Time reports:

President Bush's approval rating has risen to 53%, according to the latest TIME poll conducted January 12 and 13. His approval rating is up 4 points from his Dec. 13-14 approval rating of 49%. The President's approval numbers have improved across a variety of issues, including his handling of the economy (51% approve, up from 40% approve in September), his handling of the situation in Iraq (45% approve, up from 41% approval in September), and his handling of the war on terrorism (56% approve, up from 49% in September).

Note the internals of the poll; 11% jump on handling of the economy, and 7% jump concerning the war on terror. Numbers like these, especially on the economy, will hurt the Dem's come the 2006 midterms. How many Senate Democrats swore up and down about the Bush tax cuts being a catalist for disaster? If the voters don't remember now, I'm sure the RNC will do a great job of reminding them. The next big indicators will be Bush's numbers on Iraq following the elections at the end of the month, and polling on his Social Security reforms.

Tic-toc tic-toc... do you hear that, Democrats? It's your countdown to irrelevancy.


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