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Friday, January 14, 2005

Like deja vu, all over again

Fox News reports:

Palestinian militants set off a large truck bomb as gunmen stormed an Israeli base at a vital Gaza crossing Thursday, killing five Israelis and wounding five others in an attack that defied peace efforts by new Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Looks like Abbas will be no better at controlling the Palestinian militants than Arafat. When will the opinion leaders in the U.S. face the facts that this region of the world will continue to breed violence as long as "elected" officials try to co-exist with terrorists groups like Hamas. But I suppose it's unavoidable. The Palestinian people, like much of the Middle East, have been so poisoned by the lies of their leaders they have come to respect terrorists murderers more than their "elected" leaders.

To paraphrase Ronaldus Magnus:

Mr. Sharon, build up this wall!


Looks like the Isrealis are the only realists left on the planet.

Israel is suspending all contacts with the Palestinian Authority until it completes an investigation into Thursday's deadly attack in the Karni crossing where six Israelis were killed, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's spokesman announced on Friday evening.


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