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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Neanderthals killed off by free trade

Economists from Michigan State University and University of Wyoming have published a study that suggests the extinction of neanderthals was caused by free trade:

Economics-free trade may have contributed to the extinction of Neanderthals 30,000-40,000 years ago, according to a paper published in the “Journal of Economic Organization and Behavior.”

“After at least 200,000 years of eking out an existence in glacial Eurasia, the Neanderthal suddenly went extinct,” writes University of Wyoming economist Jason Shogren, along with colleagues Richard Horan of Michigan State University and Erwin Bulte from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. “Early modern humans arriving on the scene shortly before are suspected to have been the perpetrator, but exactly how they caused Neanderthal extinction is unknown.”

Creating a new kind of caveman economics in their published paper, they argue early modern humans were first to exploit the competitive edge gained from specialization and free trade. With more reliance on free trade, humans increased their activities in culture and technology, while simultaneously out-competing Neanderthals on their joint hunting grounds, the economists say.

Does this report explain the behavior of Howard Dean and his supporters? Is he the missing link? Democratic incumbents can probably file for protection under the endangered species laws now.


  • "Archaelogists uncover evidence of a prehistoric sweatshop where thousands on Neanderthals were enslaved and worked to death while chipping away at mass-produced stone axes for Cro-Magnon Mart. To prevent them from rising up against their masters, their feet were bound to wooden posts set into the cold tundra. High concentrations of uric acid in the wood of these posts confirms that these poor sods were not even allowed bathroom breaks."

    J. of Economic Pathology 11 (3), 44-49 (2005).

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