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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Churchill Vindicated?... pfff

In an article on Hawaii Reporter, Mark Burch claims that Ward Churchill has been vindicated:

Churchill was just recently vindicated. It was a moment of supreme irony. Last week, a news commentator on Fox was excoriating Churchill for the "little Eichmannns" comment, and in the very next segment, Elizabeth Holtzman was being interviewed. She is the chairwoman of the Interagency Working Group (IWG) that is trying to get the CIA to release the rest of their documents about employing Nazi war criminals. She dropped a bombshell: the CIA employed five of Eichmann's top advisors.

After taking the obligatory liberal shots at Fox News, Burch begins to build his case that those in the Trade Center did in fact deserve to burn to death. By connecting the CIA (which he has obviously mistaken for the OSS, seeing as though the CIA did not exist during Nazi rule) he has made the first "connection" in his argument. He ignore the fact that US and British intelligence worked with Nazis to organize, among other operations, the failed assasination attempt on Hilter and coup to overthrow the dictator. But these are but minor details to a liberal trying to make a point.

Facts be damned, Burch goes on to list members of the CIA who had any connection at all to Wall Street. At this point its "case closed" from Burch's viewpoint. US intelligence made contact with Nazis, there have been members of the CIA who have also worked on Wall Street, so the workers inhabiting the World Trade Center were complicite in the WWII war crimes of the Nazis, therefore deserving of the title "Little Eichmanns" and their deaths at the hands of terrorists.

Whewww... he really takes the reader for a rhetorical joy ride with that trail of connections. But youve gotta give it to the guy for his dedication to proving a point. Which was what again? Oh yeah, that one little phrase out of the volume of epithets used by Ward Churchill to label the victims of 9/11 was accurate. So I wonder what type of exhausting effort Mr. Burch would make to prove that US economy is built on the graves of millions.

The success of the stock market is built upon the rotting corpses of the victims of American economic imperialism, which number close to 6 million, that iconic number needed to designate mass murder a holocaust.

Hmm, he sure did wrap that up. Defending two words spoken by his great diety Ward Churchill is worthy of an entire article. But stating the US is to blame for mass murder of holocaust proportions is a matter of fact, and need only be justified by one sentence.

One must ask: would liberals throw a hissy fit, as they did in the case of Mr. Churchill, if anyone were to label Mr. Burch an anti-American?


  • I have been in contact with Mark Burch and found that someone was posting disgusting comments under his name. Though I disagree with Burch's politics, he's actually a really nice guy and cleared things up.

    The BlogSpot application does not allow for single comments to be deleted, so I cleared them all.

    -Kevin P., EpicNation

    By Blogger Kevin P., at 2:39 AM  

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