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Monday, May 09, 2005

Bush No Leader When it Comes to Illegal Aliens

Bush will be the end of the Republican party if he doesn't pull his head out of the sand on the issue of illegal immigration. Okay, okay, that's a bit of an exageration. But the mood of conservatives is souring over this issue. Michele Malkin has posted a story about her attendance at an illegal alien rally this weekend. The article is a must read. Here's a preview:

Asked if the Department of Homeland Security had been notified of the illegal alien rally, Lt. Hack emphatically said no. "We're here to help them."

Even if they're here illegally? I asked. "We don't want to intimidate anyone," said Lt. Hack.

Shouldn't you report people to DHS if you know they are here illegally? I asked. "That's not my responsibility," he said.

While illegals rally openly in Maryland, the Mexican government is actively hampering the deportation of an illegal alien in New Hampshire. Wizbang is covering the story:

Last week, I told the tale of Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, and his novel approach to dealing with illegal aliens. He charged Jorge Ramirez, 21, of Mexico, with "criminal trespass" for being in New Ipswich (as part of the United States) illegally. Last week Ramirez pleaded guilty and agreed to report for deportation in exchange for the $1,000 fine being waived.

But that was before the Mexican government got involved. They hired a local attorney for Ramirez (who had appeared without counsel in his first appearance), who filed a withdrawal of his plea. The court accepted it, and he now faces trial in July.

While law enforcement refuses to pursue illegals, and the Mexican government demonstrates its blatant disregard of US sovereignty, where's W? Well, when he's not playing grab-ass down at the ranch with his buddy Vicente Fox, he's proposing amnesty for illegal aliens. How rewarding criminals by granting them legal status will curb the flow of illegal immigrants through our borders W doesn't explain.

But maybe that's the point. W has a bit of a libertarian streak, and that may be what's driving him on this issue. Deflated wages aside, and influx of cheap workers into the labor market is good for business. And what's good for business is good for libertarians. National security? Feh! Libertarians can't be bothered with such foolishness.

Bush has played many issues well, but on immigration the man is completely tone deaf. How the man can prattle on about "defending the homeland" in just about every speech while still turning his head to our porous border is beyond me. The intellectual dishonesty on this issue by Bush is disgusting.

W need not worry about public opinion on the matter since he isn't running for reelection, but the party should be worried. Bush is the face of our party, and he is leaving the Republicans incredibly vulnerable on this issue. If other party leaders don't step up and voice some concern over the condition of our border the Democrats will outflank us come 2008, and maybe as early as 2006.

And why wouldn't they? The protectionist wing of the Democratic party, which includes all the big labor unions, have their own reasons for sealing up the border.


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