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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Holy Shiite!

The NY Post today has perhaps their best cover since the famed "Axis of Weasel" cover featuring French president Chirac and German chancellor Schroeder:

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As the cover story indicates, Newsweek finally retracted their bogus story that claimed US soldiers were guilty of flushing a copy of the Koran down the toilet. The retraction comes after numerous riots, 17 killed, and the US image in Afghanistan - which until now had been the huge success story of the War on Terror - in tatters. Not bad results for only a weeks worth of biased reporting.

The rest of the blogosphere is slamming Newsweek plenty for their sins, and I too have covered the story a good deal, so I'll leave it to others to beat, chop, and grind this dead horse into sausage. But I would like to make one point.

The whole Dan Rather affair had serious implications and the damage done to what was left of CBS's integrity was suitable penance for their shoddy journalism. But Newsweek can not be let off so easily. The institutional mindset at Newsweek, that US soldiers should always be presumed guilty unless proven innocent, has lead to the deaths of 17 people. Also, the propaganda tool they provided for our enemy will no doubt be used to recruit new militants who will exact their revenge on our young men and women in uniform.

Many in the press seem to forget, but war is a deadly serious business. Michael Isikoff and John Barry will be cozy and safe in their New York City apartments, while it will be our soldiers' blood that will spill because of their "error". The least we can expect is that these men be held to account, along with their editor Mark Whitaker, for the incredible amount of damage they have done to our war effort.

They called a bunch of juiced-up baseball players to testify in front of Congress to send a message to steroid users. Why not call a hearing on the institutional bias that exists in the press to send a message to treasonous reporters?


  • Easiest would just be to take away all the power Rupert Murdoch has in the western world (espicially in the U.S.) – that for sure would take away a lot of bias, don’t you think?

    By Anonymous Agent Orange, at 3:59 PM  

  • What flavor KoolAid are you sipping AgentOrange? "AgentOrange", pff... your screen name alone tells me what era youre still living in. Watch out for the black helicopters, man.

    By Blogger Kevin P., at 11:33 PM  

  • Instead of attacking trivial things as my choice of screen name please concentrate on the question instead, ok?

    By Anonymous Agent Orange, at 7:45 PM  

  • Of course:

    You're right AgentOrange, Rupert Murdoch is obviously the puppet master of the media. He exemplifies conservative bias in reporting, and we should "take away all the power" he possesses. Redistribute his assets to the proletariat and enroll him in the proper re-education facilities so he can realize the New Truth. This capitalist dog has enriched himself and his bourgeoisie cronies for far too long.

    Workers unite!

    Let the streets run Red with the blood of our class enemies! The capitalist pigs have tainted out media. Nationalize the press so that the People’s Media can shine the light of New Truth. Murdoch and his ilk will be stopped; we will “take away all the power” as Comrade AgentOrange has instructed.

    By Blogger Kevin P., at 7:36 AM  

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