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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Italian author faces trial for insulting Islam

An Italian author is being put on trial for insulting Islam in her book titled The Rage and the Pride. BBC reports:

Controversial Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci is to face trial for allegedly insulting the Muslim faith in her latest book, a court in Italy says.

Ms Fallaci is being sued by the head of the Muslim Union of Italy, who says The Force of Reason is defamatory.

[...] The case is being tried in the northern town of Bergamo, where the book was published. The prosecution has 10 days to come up with a charge.

Italy was the birthplace of fascism, so I suppose it should come as no surprise that authors who express opinions not approved of by government are being rounded and put to trial. I am surprised, however, that Sharia Law is taking hold so quickly in Europe. Insults to Islam are illegal under Sharia Law, and it appears the Italian justice system has trashed free speech to comply. I figured it would take at least another 50 years before Europeans would be reduced to dhimmitude.

Islamo-fascism is probably the greatest threat facing Europe right now. But as this case in Italy shows, Europe lacks the will to resist the colonization of their continent by the Arab world. The socialist elite's bizarre obsession with multiculturalism is rotting away the core of European civilization. The trial of Ms. Fallaci demonstrates the resignation of European leaders to their new constituency.

Meanwhile, back in the US, the media continues to circle the wagons around Newsweek. The latest straws being clutched at by the liberal press is the claims of Koran desecration made by members of Al Qaeda. Conveniently ignoring the fact that Al Qaeda's training manual instructs terrorists to make such claims, the MSM continue to make clear they will take the word of terrorists over that of US soldiers.

There is also a certain irony that reporters are so terribly offended by insults to Arab Muslims when they themselves attack American Christians on a daily basis. Funny how that works out. Leftists must prefer Islamo-fascism over even the slightest semblance of Western traditional values.


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