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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Nader up to 2% in polls

The Washington Post's tracking poll shows Nader doubling his support, from a paltry 1% to a measly 2%. Glenn Reynolds suggests that this could actually be a biproduct of Kerry's tough talk actually becoming credible. This does sound like a plausible explanation, and would prove Dick Morris' theory about Kerry being cornered in the debates - because any which way the Senator tacked he would be alienating some faction of his base - correct.

This could also be the first signs of lost hope on the left for their candidate. Seeing the race closing in Bush's favor they may be casting protest votes over the fact that their true love, Howard - The Scream Machine - Dean was taken down by the grown-ups at the DNC and their allies in the MSM.

Most likely explanation? Small glitch in the polls - Nader will be back at 1% at next tracking.


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